PayPerse is Consisted with Three Key Components:

Mobile POS App., Mobile Wallet, Data Service System.

Mobile POS App.

The Mobile POS App. is provided to merchant customers at FREE.

Collects customer’s detail purchase data and integrate it to the QR code and boost merchant business by providing essential POS functionalities t- i.e. Sales report, Tax report, Business/Market analysis report, personalized customer service support, etc.

Provides complete mobile POS features
All product information can be configured by merchant
Automatically data is aggregated, calculated and generate QR code
Sales report, Tax report, Product recommendation, and more…

Mobile Wallet

The Mobile Wallet is provided to the customers  in the name of payment service company built-in PayPerse’s service logic.

Can be integrated with any
mobile wallet applications
Automatically purchase data
extract from QR code.
There no need manually
input payment amount
Purchase history,
Product recommendation,
Merchant recommendation,
and more…

Data Service System

Collect, Store and Process Customer’s detail purchased data in real-time and generated data analysis report – e.g. Hyper-personalized recommendation service for mobile wallet users, Hyper-relevant data service for Merchant, Market/Product analysis report for enterprise customers, etc.